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Headaches - How Does Chiropractic Work

What will your chiropractor do when someone with headaches comes in for care? History is very important, such as how and when the headaches started to occur. Your chiropractor will then inquire about activities that may increase or create headaches. Your chiropractor will recommend various treatments based on what might ease or decrease headaches. 

“The quality of pain (throbbing = vascular, ache and tightness = neck), intensity of pain (0-10 scale), and timing (worse in the morning versus the evening) help them track change after treatment is rendered, usually gathered once a month”.

Your chiropractor will look at the following things to rule out where the source of your neck pain may be coming from: blood pressure, which creates headaches when high, blood vessels in the back of the eyes to ensure there is no extra pressure being put on the brain, the ears to ensure there is no infection your wax blockage, and finally the doctor will listen to your throat and heart in order to rule out any blockage, valve problem, or any other issues pertaining to the heart.

To evaluate muscle tightness in the neck, your chiropractor will put you through a range of motions to evaluate which positions or directions increase or decrease pain. In order to evaluate nerve function, your doctor will check reflexes, sensation, and muscle strength, along with correlating positions that decrease arm or leg pain, which will be incorporated into the patient’s at-home exercise program.

“X-rays may include bending “stress” views so that ligaments (that hold bones together) can be evaluated for “laxity” (torn and unstable). When this is found, the doctor may avoid adjustments to these vertebrae”.

Thorough evaluations are very important when a patient presents with headaches, in order for proper treatment and patient care. “Treatment approaches include: adjustments, soft tissue therapy (trigger point stimulation, myofascial release), posture correction exercises and other exercises, education about job modifications, and co-management with other healthcare providers, if medication or injection therapy is needed”.

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