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Causes of Neck Pain Outside of the Cervical Spine

Do you suffer from neck pain? Did you know that your pain may not be stemming from an issue in the neck, but rather an issue from somewhere else in the body? Consulting with your local chiropractic can be very beneficial in diagnosing the reason for your neck pain, as Doctors of Chiropractic are specially trained to view the whole person when it comes to pain management.

One area of the body that may be affecting your neck can be the shoulder. “Past research has shown the conditions can co-occur, and there are also cases in which managing a cervical condition led to improved pain and function in the shoulder joint. Patients with chronic neck pain experienced improvements in pain and disability following a three-week course of treatment featuring scapular stabilization exercises”.

Patients suffering from chronic neck pain may find that their mid-back may actually be the culprit of their neck pain. “A 2019 study revealed that individuals with chronic neck pain exhibited differences in walking symmetry, a known risk factor for problems in the knee and hip joints. Another 2019 study showed that patients with chronic neck pain walked with a stiffer spine. It has also been demonstrated that leg length inequality can lead to dysfunction in the knees, hips, and lower back”. This dysfunction can work its way up the spine, presenting as neck pain and stiffness.

“Doctors of chiropractic are trained to evaluate the whole patient and identify factors contributing to the patient’s chief complaint. In many cases, a combination of manual therapies (manipulation/mobilization), specific exercises, ergonomic modifications, nutritional counseling, and physical therapy modalities can result in a satisfying treatment outcome”.

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