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A well-informed patient is a good patient, which is why we focus on providing the information and resources our patients need. On the blog for Augustine Chiropractic, you can find out about updates on our clinic, new ways to treat common injuries and ailments, at home exercises you can do to reduce pain, and more. Read on to find out how chiropractic care can help to improve your quality of life and promote an overall sense of wellness.

Energy Boosting Tips

Feeling fatigued throughout the day? Do you more often reach for that sugary snack or a little caffeine boost? These practices may be good for a quick “pick-me-up”, but can lead to a crash later on, leaving you feeling even more fatigued and tired. The following is a list of some healthier alternatives to help you make it through your work day feeling less tired and more energized.

Eat Breakfast.

Those who start their morning with a good, healthy breakfast, report feeling less fatigued and even less stressed throughout their work day. Good, healthy options for breakfast to help you fight your mid-day tiredness include food such as fruit and fiber-rich foods, such as oatmeal. These options help you feel more satiated longer.


In order to increase blood flow to the brain, enhancing our cognitive function, try a short exercise regimen. Going for a brisk 5-10 minute walk during lunch hour could be a helpful way to fight off mid-day exhaustion.

Sing or Talk.

Singing stimulates specific pathways in the brain that reduce our stress hormones and elevate our mood. While singing may not be the best option in an office setting, talking has also been shown to stimulate that same area of the brain, helping us feel more alert. So, when you’re feeling that mid-day fatigue set in, take a break, and go chat up a coworker.

Drink Water.

A common symptom of dehydration is feeling lethargic. Be sure to drink water throughout your day. Many experts have found that by the time our body tells us we are thirsty, symptoms of mild dehydration have already set in, which can impair our cognitive function and increase our potential for headaches. It is recommended that drinking eight 8-oz glasses of water throughout our day can keep us from suffering from this mild dehydration, fighting off the feeling of fatigue and potential for headaches.


Spending time out in the sun can increase our body’s level of Vitamin D, which is an energy-booting vitamin. Studies have shown that “exposure to sunlight throughout the workday not only led to better sleep but also improved performance on cognitive tests”. On a beautiful sunshiny day, take your lunch outside and soak of some rays.


Snacking on foods high in magnesium and folic acid, such as almonds and peanuts, are important foods for energy and cell production. Other foods such as: bananas, peanut butter, or maybe some granola with fresh berries, are great sourcing of protein and slow-burning carbs, which can help us maintain our sugar levels throughout the day. Not much of a snacker? It has been found that some scents, such as cinnamon and peppermint, can leave us feeling more alert and less fatigued throughout our work day.


Ever heard the expression “laughter is the best medicine”. In terms of fighting fatigue and mid-day tiredness, laughter may just be the best medicine. A little bit of laughing out loud “stimulates certain centers in the brain to give you an energy boost”.

Get More Sleep.

“Sleeping less than seven hours a night in unhealthy and reduces the energy you have available during the day. Quality of sleep is important as well, so if you toss and turn or wake up a lot at night, consider a sleep study to assess for sleep apnea”.

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