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Do X-Rays Help with Whiplash?

Whiplash is usually a result of a motor vehicle collision. However, it can derive from other causes as well. During a car accident, there is a sudden stop or deceleration that occurs so fast a person cannot brace themselves. We cannot voluntarily contract a muscle quicker than about 800 msec. The injury can worsen by a few other factors such as, a small or large target, the way your seat in positioned, Improper head position, a tall slender neck, and your body and head position at the time of impact. There is basically little you can do to avoid injury whether it be a big or small injury! 

For example, say you get into a “rear-end collision,” You have a seat belt and are in a small compact car, your car is stopped at a stop light and you are startled by squealing tires breaking, you look behind you and suddenly the car behind you is rammed into. Upon impact your car is propelled forwards also and your head accelerates back and forwards again. However, your air bag does not deploy. After this you may want to get a chiropractor visit and they give you some x-rays. These x-rays can tell the doctor whether you have torn or fractured the ligaments in your neck. X-rays help the Doctor better assess what may be going on with you and he can get you on a treatment plan to recovery! 

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