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The Difference Between Whiplash and Non-Whiplash Neck Pain?

Whiplash can come from car accidents, sports collisions, falls, and more. This can cause a variety of symptoms but the most common is called, “Central Sensitization. This is when there is neck pain with lower pain thresholds. Another one that can occur is called, “MNP.” This is the absence of trauma or a known Pathology.

Research shows that the combination of manual therapies such as mobilization and manipulation can benefit patients with neck pain. In 2017, a study evaluated if there is a different treatment response between whiplash patients and MNP patients. The authors recruited 28 patients with either grade 1 or 2 whiplash and 22 MNP patients. The research team measured neck pain intensity, neck related disability, cervical range of motion, and pressure pain thresholds. 

The results show that whiplash sufferers initially had a significantly higher pain related disability, larger pain area and central sensitization. However, they observed that after six treatments, the patients in both groups achieved similar improvements with increased cervical range of motion, neck pain intensity, neck related disability, pain area, and pressure point thresholds. The whiplash patients did continue to have a lower pain threshold than the MNP patients. 

Chiropractors thankfully use the manual therapy and specific neck exercises to improve patients who struggle with whiplash and other forms of neck pain! 

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