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A well-informed patient is a good patient, which is why we focus on providing the information and resources our patients need. On the blog for Augustine Chiropractic, you can find out about updates on our clinic, new ways to treat common injuries and ailments, at home exercises you can do to reduce pain, and more. Read on to find out how chiropractic care can help to improve your quality of life and promote an overall sense of wellness.

Electrotherapy in Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors can perform an array of treatments to relieve pain and help the body heal completely. One of these is called electrotherapy. It uses electric current to stimulate muscles and nerves. Through the skin, the electric stimulation is sent to block the pain signals delivered by damaged nerves or muscles to the brain. It also provides a therapeutic effect to improve body function and enhance quality of life. Below are the some of the top benefits of electrotherapy.

Pain Relief

Muscle strains and sprains cause a lot of pain that can affect your daily life. Electrotherapy, however, can alleviate the pain by penetrating tissue and reducing its tightness. This can be done to deal with back and neck pain, helping prevent more serious problems.

For instance, muscle tightness in the neck can lead to debilitating migraines while back pain can cause worse health issues that may require surgery. Receiving electrotherapy, which minimizes invasion by piercing only the skin, avoids aggravation of the condition.

Enhanced Motion

Due to muscle spasms, a person’s range of motion is reduced. Additionally, you have a hard time moving your muscles, which can lead to atrophy. With electrotherapy, muscle swelling can be eased to boost your range of motion and allow you to move without pain. Electrotherapy can also improve muscle tone and strength.

Healthier Heart

Electrotherapy also improve cardiovascular health. Electrical muscle stimulation can strengthen the heart to the extent of helping people with congestive heart failure. In fact, studies show that patients who received electrotherapy recorded improvements in their muscular endurance, body mass index, and weight.

These are some of the advantages of electrotherapy. However, you can’t just undergo this therapy on a whim. You need to consult your chiropractor about whether this treatment suits your needs and health condition. Some tests and evaluations must first be done before a chiropractor determines the best solution for you.

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