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Shoulder Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Whether its performing a paint job or completing any other home improvement activities, shoulder injuries are prone to happening. Protecting your shoulders from permanent damage or even short-term injury is entirely possible with some prevention tips and attention to detail.

Common injuries include:

Rotator cuff tear – The four muscles in your upper arm, which are attached to your bones by tendons, enable you to raise your arm and rotate it when necessary. When the tendons are torn, your arm has restricted movement.

Shoulder instability – The muscles and ligaments, which adjoin bone to bone, can be stretched beyond capacity, causing pain and weakness in the arm. The shoulder sometimes feels loose when it absorbs too much force from the act of pitching or tackling and becomes unstable.

You can minimize the chance of injuring your shoulders with a few simple tips for safety:

Use proper tools – If your project involves furniture refinishing, then you don’t need a hacksaw. You can gain the pleasure of crafting and succeed in the work when you have the tools and time you need to accomplish it. Something as simple as hanging a picture can be a disaster when you use a faulty hammer to drive in the nail. Also, if the kids are helping you with home improvements, keep the sharp objects out of reach.

Wear proper attire – Operating certain machinery requires goggles and gloves, and refraining from wearing necklaces and other dangling jewelry can keep you from a tragic accident. Footwear is important too, it’s a good idea to wear close-toed shoes. Falls on a slippery surface can injure far more than just your shoulders.

Keep the space clean – Tripping and falling to the floor can bruise, impair, or cause irreversible harm to many parts of your body. But a fall that slams you into a wall or other structure can shatter bones in your upper body, causing a break in your collar bone or a scrape and injury to your shoulder.

You can further guard against injuries through measures to maintain overall wellness, including routine chiropractic care. A baseline of your general health makes it easy to ascertain increasing risks to function or injuries that develop over time. In the case of a fall or another cause of damage to your shoulders, your chiropractor can offer you a treatment plan to minimize your down time.

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