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Chiropractic Traction in Aiding Back Pain

An intersegmental traction table, or a roller table, is used in chiropractic care to manipulate the spine and restore the body a proper range of motion.

By softly putting the spinal column in motion while simultaneously stretching the other components that affect the spine’s health, like muscles and ligaments, the intersegmental traction table completes multiple different tasks all at once. It’s ability to improve the structure of the spine and the muscular complexion at the same time gives chiropractors a chance to get a lot done in one session.

Usually, chiropractic care is thought of as using the hands to make structural adjustments to the musculoskeletal system, mainly the spine. However, treatment goes much further than just a hands-on approach and many forget that there is a full spectrum of equipment used in delivering chiropractic care. 

Movements of the spine helps cerebrospinal fluid travel throughout the system, and the discs in between the spine’s vertebrae require nutrients that the cerebrospinal fluid carries. Without the proper traveling of this fluid, the spine is not receiving the proper level of nutrients which can lead to degradation of the discs and poor skeletal health of the vertebrae. The intersegmental traction table is crucial in terms of providing the spine with proper alignment and ensuring that the cerebrospinal fluid can travel throughout the system.

The rollers below the surface of the table help the chiropractor adjust the patient’s motion perfectly. With its use, the chiropractor is also able to make gradual adjustments to the patient’s alignment rather than adjusting a patient too intensely, which could cause further injury. The table is fitting for patients of all shapes and sizes so there is no worry that the patient will not be comfortable. 

Overall, the intersegmental traction table is vital for the practice of chiropractic care. 

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