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Don’t Ignore Joint Pain: Why It Needs to be Checked

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We need to talk about something common many of us experience from time to time that can really make life miserable: pain. No one likes talking about pain. Although, it can easily turn into the subject of small talk because so many people experience their own particular version of it. While pain can be a nuisance, if not outright debilitating, it’s important to address one specific type of troubling pain which is joint pain. Our joints are reasonably complex, being made up of a few different components. We also rely on them a whole lot for motion and support. When something goes wrong with one of them or multiple joints, our entire body suffers. When suffering with joint pain, it’s very important to speak with your chiropractor as soon as possible to mitigate the risk of developing a lifelong chronic pain condition like arthritis.

You may be saying to yourself, “But, isn’t joint pain just part of getting older?” Many people believe that, but the truth may surprise you.

Is joint pain a foregone conclusion?

Let’s start off by dispelling a very popular, but ultimately harmful, myth. Many people who suffer from joint pain joke that “they’re getting old.” As if their age is why they suffer with joint pain and everyone gets it because it’s a natural part of getting old. This is not true. Yes, joint pain does tend to increase in frequency with age if there is reason for joint pain to be present, but not every person who reaches a certain advanced age inevitably develops joint pain. This attitude that it’s just from getting older often keeps people from seeking the proper treatment at the appropriate time to address why they’re experiencing joint pain and to keep it from progressing.

Joint pain means there is damage to the ligaments or tendons or excess inflammation due to trauma like an automobile accident. It doesn’t just develop. It can, however, seem to just be a part of getting older if you’ve never been in a serious accident, but you have a job that requires you to perform repetitive motions day in and day out.

The real risk you run if you allow joint pain to just continue without addressing it is you’re increasing your chances of developing arthritis. 

Chronic inflammation and joint components that aren’t allowed to heal can become a permanent problem that then needs to be managed rather than prevented.

Is it already arthritis? It’s hard to say without a proper medical evaluation, but here are some of the most common symptoms.

How do you know it’s arthritis?

Note that there are many different types of arthritis, technically. For example, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that not only affects the joints, but your overall health including that of your internal organs. That’s yet another reason why you need to investigate joint pain as soon as possible.

However, the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis which is the result of wear and tear on the joints. When the joints get worn down enough by years of stress, the bone can grind on bone, resulting in pain. Arthritis is often characterized by pain, stiffness in the joint, swelling, visible redness, and a decreased range of motion. Similar symptoms can occur due to injury, so it’s important to rule out arthritis early on.

Treatment options
Your chiropractor will perform an evaluation to determine the root cause of your joint pain. Understanding the reason why you’re suffering with pain will be the key to treatment. That’s because the ultimate goal of your chiropractor is not to just treat your pain in the short term. Ideally, the issue will be corrected for the long term. When the joints are properly manipulated or massaged to correct the identified issue, the soft tissues surrounding the joint get the opportunity to heal. This can help restore normal range of motion and get you back to your normal way of life. Moist heat therapy has also been found to be effective in helping relieve joint pain when used in conjunction with therapeutic massage.

Joint pain is always a condition that responds better to early intervention rather than after the fact management. Most joint pain is progressive, and it has the potential to become arthritis, which can be very problematic and greatly impact your life. You want to address new, persistent joint pain as early as possible so you can minimize the chances of facing more consequences years down the road that may end up being debilitating. Chiropractic care is the best way to address joint pain before it becomes too much of a burden. Book an appointment online with us today to set up a consultation. The team at Augustine Chiropractic is here to provide you with the expert care you need to address your joint pain and get your life back.