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Treating Low Back-Related Leg Pain

Low back-related leg pain (LBRLP) is a common condition, many times with a complex cause, bringing patients in to see their primary care provider, chiropractor, etc.

In order to diagnose low back-related leg pain, your doctor will need to determine if the leg pain is radicular or referred in nature as this will help indicate which structures or soft tissues in the lower back will need to be addressed. Radicular leg pain indicates a nerve root compression or a pinched nerve root, most commonly caused by a herniated low back disk. Referred leg pain, on the other hand, can arise from a ligament, joint, or a tear in the outer layer of the disk (which can precede herniation).

“Some clinical signs and symptoms that support radicular leg pain include a more specific geographic tracing of leg pain that often exceeds the level of the knee affecting the outer foot (S1 nerve), the top of the foot (L5 nerve), or the inside of the foot (L4 nerve). In radicular LBRLP, there may also be neurological loss such as sensory impairment and/or muscle weakness in a specific area or in certain muscles that can help determine the specific nerve(s) involved. Patients often describe referred leg pain as a generalized deep ache or numbness that often stays above the knee. It’s also possible for the patient to have multiple contributing causes for their LBRLP, which can make the diagnostic process more complex”.

Low back-related leg pain can be a difficult issue to treat. However, is has been shown that spinal manipulation, combined with passive modalities and exercise are good in the treatment of low back-related leg pain.

“More recent research suggests combining spinal manipulative therapy with exercise, and patient education may provide even better results for patients with LBRLP. This makes sense as there have been several studies showing that a multimodal management approach for low back conditions such as degenerative joint and/or disk disease, spinal stenosis, and disk herniations is often superior to a single treatment strategy”.

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