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The Dangers of Tech Neck

Communication has changed drastically over the years as technology has continued to explode. Texting is something nearly everyone does and for many they do a lot. However, texting can have significant ramifications on your spine and ultimately your health. 

The Neck

First note that the average head weighs, or has the force, of 10-12 pounds; think of it as the weight of a bowling ball. The cervical spine, which is your neck area, has a specific lordotic curve to it; if you were to look at it on X-rays from a side view with the face pointing to the right the cervical spine normally should have a reverse C shape to it. That is normal and present for proper spine functioning.

The way we carry our head either works with supporting that natural curve or it fights against it by ultimately decreasing or reversing it. The proper curve protects proper communication of the nervous system at a structural level. The nerves that exit the spine in the cervical area go to the face, head, thyroid, eyes, ears, shoulders and even down into and through the fingers. So proper posture and head carriage is more than about how you look in your presentation, it’s about your health.

Tech Neck
Tech neck is the term commonly used when referring to those who present to the office with a specific set of structural changes to posture due to prolonged behaviors of improper texting or using other screen devices such as tablets. If this is not corrected, it can have lasting effects on the structure and function of the spine and ultimately your health.

Most often the phone is in the hands at or below mid-chest, the neck is leaning forward, the head is tilted nearly fully down, and the shoulders are rounded forward. This is tech neck. Once or twice or occasionally spending time in this posture certainly will not cause lasting harm. But behavior repeated time and again day-in and day-out absolutely can change the health and function of the muscles, joints, and spine. Function will suffer and you’ll begin to notice changes in ranges of motion and its effect on various tasks. The worst part about this is that kids are engaging in this posture repeatedly at very young ages, which means the poor posture and its negative effects have more time to damage overall health and function of these kiddos.

How to fix it
Make sure your shoulders are back and rounded slightly down in a relaxed position. Raise your opposite hand to text from this position. A pop socket can also help with holding your phone easier. See your chiropractor regularly to assist you in your spine mobility and overall health journey.

The correct texting posture is neither complicated nor difficult. It does, however, require presence and consistency. Presence and consistency requires no money and you have power over it!

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