Chiropractic care is a natural form of a healing treatment plan, it is found most appealing because the side effects are slim to none compared to medications that many hospital treatment plans offer. Most people will experience neck pain in their lifetime and seek professional care. Neck pain is something chiropractors treat on a daily basis!

The first step to treating neck pain is identifying the cause. Identifying the cause is sometimes tricky but little to worry over because this is “normal,” it sometimes won’t be traced to a specific event but a build up over time of trauma. 

Staying active and stretching can greatly reduce and prevent neck pain. One exercise in particular is called “chin tucks.” To do this you will be in a sit position while looking straight ahead and tuck your chin towards your chest. Hold this tucked position until you feel fatigue, which is usually around 5-15 seconds. Then, slowly release and poke your chin forwards in the opposite direction, repeat this exercise and emphasize the slow release. Also try to be conscious of your posture! While you’re sitting in your car, meetings, watching tv, partially tuck your chin so that the weight of your head is centered. If you are experiencing neck pain, be sure to contact your local chiropractor for assistance and they will get you on your way to a treatment plan to relief. 

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