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A well-informed patient is a good patient, which is why we focus on providing the information and resources our patients need. On the blog for Augustine Chiropractic, you can find out about updates on our clinic, new ways to treat common injuries and ailments, at home exercises you can do to reduce pain, and more. Read on to find out how chiropractic care can help to improve your quality of life and promote an overall sense of wellness.

What can a chiropractor do for your neck pain?

https://augustine-chiropractic…“I was golfing a month ago and I hit the ground too hard and felt a jolt in my neck. Since then, I can’t turn my head to the right, my right arm is numb, and I can’t sleep through the night. I went to my family doctor and he eventually gave me a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory. I can sleep better but to be honest, the pain is about the same. Is there anything chiropractic can do for me?”

This is something Chiropractors deal with a lot, the treatment options offered by family doctors can provide short term pain relief. When you visit a chiropractor, they can give you a treatment plan that will get you on to a healing process that will provide long term results. 

Neck pain is usually caused by one or more of the seven vertebrae in the neck shifting out of alignment and getting “stuck.” This can alter function in the mid-back. Depending on which nerve gets irritated, you could have side effects of headaches, shoulder blade pain, arm pain, and muscle spasms. A muscle spasm is a reflex reaction where the brain receives the pain signals from the neck and in response, sends signals back to the muscles to tighten in attempt to protect the hurt area. This causes a cycle that will continue until the joint is released. A chiropractic adjustment will release this joint! 

Chiropractic treatments use a physical form of treatment as opposed to a chemical and/or addicting form of treatment that may cause more problems in the long run. If you are experiencing any muscle spasms, shoulder blade pain, arm pain and headaches, be sure to call your local chiropractor and they can get you on a treatment plan that works! 

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Dr. Augustine of Augustine Chiropractic in Wesley Chapel, FL, has over 31 years of experience treating patients for their neck pain and their ailments through personalized chiropractic care treatments. The locally owned and operated chiropractic clinic offers both in-office treatments and at-home therapy regiments to help people recover and heal from auto injuries and other conditions. The staff is dedicated to providing alternative and therapeutic solutions for better overall health. Give them a call today at (813) 994-6008 to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about their services!