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Are Neck Pain and Dizziness Related?

Do you suffer from neck pain, and is that what is causing you to experience dizziness? Two terms to know when reading this article are: cervicogenic dizziness and cervical vertigo. Cervicogenic dizziness is dizziness resulting from neck pain. Cervical vertigo describes a clinical condition relating neck pain and/or injury to dizziness and disequilibrium.

There are a number or neck-related diagnoses that can cause dizziness or disorientation including cervical spondylosis (spurs), cervical trauma (like whiplash), and cervical arthritis (osteoarthritis being the most common).

Unfortunately, there is no “gold-standard” test to confirm or rule out that the neck is the cause of one’s dizziness. A physical examination in a chiropractic clinic will seek to eliminate other causes of dizziness such as inner ear dysfunction (labrynthitis or vestibular dysfunction) and/or other nervous system problems. Your doctor of chiropractic will also examine the eyes by carefully looking for oscillating eye motion (called nystagmus) in six different positions of end-range gaze. A diagnosis of cervicogenic dizziness (CD) is then made once all other causes of dizziness have been ruled out. 

A patient suffering from cervicogenic dizziness will have noticed the onset of their dizziness after suffering with neck pain. Patients suffering from CD describe a sensation of movement that worsens with head movement or after prolonged time in one position, with such dizziness lasting minutes or even hours. A general sensation of imbalance occurs with head movement and/or with movement in the environment (like looking out the window of a fast-moving train, plane, or vehicle). Headaches may also accompany the dizziness and neck pain.

The treatment plan for a patient suffering from cervicogenic dizziness would be to treat their neck pain first. As the pain in their neck reduces, as should the dizziness.

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