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Neck Pain and Cervical Disk Herniation

Suffering from neck pain? Your symptoms could be caused by a cervical disk herniation. If you were to seek out and talk to a surgeon first, your chances of undergoing a spinal fusion surgery are high. Talk to your chiropractor first, WE CAN HELP!!

Spinal disks are located in-between each of the vertebrae in the spine. Disks are part of the primary support of the spine and are major players in shock absorption. Disks are fluid filled, which allows them to absorb shock so well, but this can cause them to be “misplaced”. The terms slipped disk, herniated disk, ruptured disk, bulging disk, etc. all mean something similar if not the same thing. A disk can herniate in any direction, potentially causing pain if it pinches a nerve, but if it doesn’t, the person may be unaware of a herniated disk.

When a disk herniates and pinches a nerve, dependent on what area the disk is pinches, the patient may feel arm pain, numbness, and/or muscle weakness that follows a specific pathway, such as, numbness to the thumb/index finger, middle or the hand or third finger, or to the pinky and ring finger. When a disk is herniated, one may not feel this numbness, arm pain, or muscle weakness all the time, they may feel pain only when the head or neck is moved in a specific way or direction, for example, looking up may irritate the neck and arm, while bending the head forward and looking down offers relief of symptoms.

“Chiropractic treatments can be very successful in resolving cervical disk herniation signs and symptoms, and should CERTAINLY be tried before agreeing to a surgical correction. Often, the surgeon will recommend a fusion of two or more neck vertebrae, sometimes with a metal plate in front of the spine. This increases the load on either side of the fusion and can create problems above and below the fusion. Trust us, try chiropractic first. You’ll be glad you did!!”

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