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Back Pain: Upper Vs. Lower

If you’re suffering from back pain every day, you know just how physically limiting it can be. Standing for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects around the house, or even merely getting out of bed becomes an agonizing struggle.

Augustine Chiropractic
 helps patients of all ages daily dealing with upper and lower back pain. In addition to their exceptional chiropractic work, they also educate patients on where their pain is coming from and offer ways to prevent it in the future.

Other than the location of the pain, there are different reasons why someone may experience upper back pain versus lower back pain. Let’s take a general look at those reasons and what’s occurring that causes the pain.

Upper Back Pain

Let’s start at the top and work our way down. Upper back pain doesn’t always stem from the shoulders and upper-middle of your back; the issue can emanate from tension in your neck.

When you scroll through social media on your phone in small increments throughout your day, is your head frequently pointed downward? Unfortunately, this positioning puts a massive strain on your neck, which causes the muscles in your shoulders and upper back to take over as a support system.

These large muscles are not designed to lift your head or really compensate for your neck muscles; the result is commonly the feeling of stiffness running from your neck to the middle of your back. A lack of mobility, numbness, or muscle fatigue are signs that your upper back is strained.

Lower Back Pain

From a herniated disc to poor posture, lower back pain is a more common ailment. This type of soreness is not constricted to age; young children that play physical sports can experience the same level of lower back pain if they do not stretch.

While lower back pain certainly can be traced back to muscle strain, the nerves in our legs and bones in our hips play a role. Overuse at work or during our leisure time tends to exhaust muscles, nerves, and joints. Again, muscles in the lower back start to overcompensate to alleviate the pressure on their counterparts.

When suffering from lower back pain, the sensation one gets is slightly different from experiencing pain in the upper back area. Typically, general pain is what you will feel, and the difference is solely a scale from dull to so severe that flexibility is inhibited.

Pain Relief Is Here

Are you struggling with consistent upper or lower back pain, with no sign of recovery in sight? Don’t live in agony; make a change with the trusted team at Augustine Chiropractic. With decades of experience, Dr. Brian Augustine and his colleagues have perfected pain relief in Wesley Chapel.

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