Chiropractors provide essential healthcare services for the prevention, diagnosis, and conservative management of back pain and spinal disorders. Chiropractic care often enables patients to reduce or avoid the need for riskier treatments, such as prescription pain medications and surgery.

In the United States, chiropractors treat nearly 35 million people (adults and children) annually. The most common reason for a chiropractic visit is for treatment of neck or back pain and discomfort. Additionally, chiropractors treat headaches, sports-related injuries, chronic conditions (i.e. arthritis) and sleep disorders.

Chiropractors use different methods to treat specific conditions. These techniques can include hands-on manipulation, electric stimulation, and stretching. However, at some point during your treatment, you may find yourself on a chiropractic drop adjustment table.

What is a Chiropractic Drop Adjustment Table?

A chiropractic drop adjustment table combines manual manipulation with gravitational pull. Sections of the table can be lifted up and then “dropped” when the chiropractor pushes down or uses a thrusting motion. Table sections are raised a few inches above the patient’s body and then locked into place. When the chiropractor applies a gentle thrust, that section of the table (and the patient’s body) falls, offering relief and physical benefits for the patient.

What are the Benefits?

Less Force

Chiropractic treatment is based on spinal manipulation. When the human spine is misaligned, it places unwanted pressure on the spine and surrounding nerves and tissues. Manual manipulation helps return the spine to its original state. In the case of disc injuries, hands-on manipulation may be too intense for some patients. A chiropractic adjustment table provides a less forceful method to achieve results more gently.

Useful for Larger and Pregnant Patients

It can be hard for a chiropractor to treat a larger individual or a pregnant woman. Their larger size makes it difficult for the chiropractor to get into the right position to manipulate the joints and achieve optimum results. An adjustment table uses the patient’s weight to their advantage. Gravity helps to achieve similar results as hands-on manipulation with less effort and discomfort for both the chiropractor and the patient.

Specialized Care

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to chiropractic care. Each patient and their condition is unique and requires a specialized treatment plan. Adjustment tables give the chiropractor more control in moving and manipulating a patient’s body. This flexibility allows them to provide the correct care based on your specific condition or injury, as well as easily target different areas of the body depending on treatment needs. 

The chiropractic adjustment table method allows our professionals to create individualized treatment plans that get fast results. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or need care after an injury, chiropractic care can help. 

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