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Understanding Neck Pain: Why Injuries Aren’t the Only Cause

Have you ever woken up and immediately realized that you can’t turn your head?

If you haven’t you must be incredibly lucky since a stiff neck is one of the most common ailments a person will experience in their lifetime. It seems like we all complain of neck pain at one point or another. In fact, in the United States alone, it’s believed 15% of the adult population will have at least one full day of neck pain per year. Along with back pain and head aches, neck pain is one of the most common complaints and causes for doctor visits. But if you live with chronic neck pain, you know it goes much further than the typical person’s occasional stiff neck.

The difficulty when it comes to neck pain, other than the obvious debilitating effect it can have on your life, is finding out why. Neck pain presents in many ways from a wide variety of causes. From pain at certain angles, to radiating pain to other areas, all the way to tingling sensations in your limbs, neck pain can be a complex condition that requires thorough chiropractic care. Some of the causes of neck pain are obvious. For example, it could be the long term effects of an auto accident injury. Maybe you have disc degeneration issues. However, the cause sometimes isn’t so obvious and, in fact, we could all be at increased risk of painful neck conditions just due to our lifestyles. Are you suffering from neck pain and you can’t seem to pinpoint why? The answers might surprise you.

A surprising cause of neck pain

If you’re someone who doesn’t have an especially laborious line of work and you’re not an athlete, you might be confused as to why you’ve developed these troubling symptoms that don’t seem to go away. The root cause of your pain and other associated symptoms could very well be something we’ve all been doing more and more over the past twenty or so years: looking down at a screen. Some call it “text neck.”

Think about it. How much time do you spend every day arching your neck to look down at a smartphone screen, computer, or tablet? Office workers have it the worst in this department, but nearly all of us at least spend hours cumulatively looking down at our mobile devices. This poor posture is the reason why more people are developing chronic pain conditions.

What’s actually happening when your neck is arched for long periods of time in these unnatural positions? For one thing, it can cause you to develop poor posture generally which can cause damage with time. Not only does neck pain arise from this, it puts pressure on the brain stem and causes alignment issues.

Why you shouldn’t “sleep” on neck pain
These issues are cumulative and only get worse with time. You’re actually risking long term damage if you don’t address neck pain as it develops. If you don’t change your behaviors and receive treatment to relieve this pressure, permanent more serious issues like disc degeneration may be in your future. The further you angle your neck and the longer you keep your head in that arched position, the more pressure you’re putting on your spine. Imagine sixty pounds of weight coming down on your spinal column for days at a time. That’s the kind of damage you could be doing to your neck if you’re not mindfully adjusting your posture and reducing time spent in a sedentary lifestyle.

Pain that is anything more than temporary (a few days) should be addressed by a doctor. Only a medical professional can help you find the root cause and identify any underlying medical issues you could unknowingly be living with.

How a chiropractor can help

A chiropractor can address your physical issues directly. While other medical professionals may be interested in prescribing pain medications or an anti-inflammatory, a chiropractor has the skill to make the careful adjustments necessary to provide fast relief.

By very carefully and gently manipulating the soft tissues in the area, not only will you experience pain relief and greater range of motion, but your body will naturally heal with time following your treatments. Remember, many times your neck pain is an issue of alignment. By properly realigning your neck and spine into the correct position, pain relief is much more noticeable and fast acting.

Neck pain can be a serious condition. It goes beyond dealing with nagging pain. It’s about addressing quality of life. Don’t feel like you need to just accept your neck pain. The team at Augustine Chiropractic is here to provide you with the treatment you need to live your life free of pain. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a consultation. It’s time to stop day to day pain.