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A well-informed patient is a good patient, which is why we focus on providing the information and resources our patients need. On the blog for Augustine Chiropractic, you can find out about updates on our clinic, new ways to treat common injuries and ailments, at home exercises you can do to reduce pain, and more. Read on to find out how chiropractic care can help to improve your quality of life and promote an overall sense of wellness.

The Importance Of Chiropractic Care For The Elderly

Many elders find their growing age linked to a decreased range of motion and increased chance of injury. As bones stiffen, our ability to recover worsens as physical therapy becomes longer and more involved. Often, people give in to this unpredictable change and allow their bodies to deteriorate, only worsening the recovery period once issues arise.   

Though our age brings new frustrations, our body does not have to suffer at the hands of time. Chiropractic practices have given elders a fluidity to their motions reminiscent of earlier days. These methods focus on prevention, recovery, and increased mobility. Chiropractic services are imperative to minimizing injury, and the benefits are numerous.   

The Benefits  

  • Pain Relief  
One of the significant reasons people, regardless of age, seek a chiropractor is their spinal manipulation mastery. Elders tend to have more constant pain than others, and the Chiropractor knows to target that pain and ease the tension. They do so by fixing the subluxations of the spine, which cause the initial inflammation and pain. This treatment also loosens tight muscles, builds bone strength, and aids in long-term relief.   

  • Decreased Chance of Injury  
As the body eases into a younger state, the risk and severity of injuries significantly decline. Instead of months spent trying to work through damaged muscles, chiropractic care allows progress to be achieved in weeks. Additionally, with greater mobility, there is less chance of tearing or pulling a muscle. This is incredibly helpful in preventing falls, an increasing incident among seniors. Around 33% of older adults fall annually, but the balance gained through chiropractic reduces this possibility.   

  • Chronic Conditions’ Maintenance   
Some of the common chronic conditions experienced by seniors, including COPD, can be treated with chiropractic services. Quality of life increases, and the disease’s effects fall to the wayside. This maintenance should be a must in your plan for treating chronic illness. Chiropractic care manages chronic issues, whether as the sole method or combined with other treatments.  

  • Holistic Approach   
Medicine can be controversial as to whether its benefits outweigh its side effects. However, chiropractic care has no such adverse side effects to cause controversy. The holistic method focuses on natural remedies and making simple changes. You don’t have to worry about whether you can get a refill on your prescription or if you’re having an allergic reaction to those medicines. Instead, chiropractors consider you and create a plan unique to your needs.  

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