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Whiplash and Dizziness?

Whiplash Associated Disorders is a condition that has multiple signs and symptoms ranging from neck pain and stiffness to headaches, confusion and more. Dizziness can most certainly go hand in hand with whiplash as well.

Dizziness can affect your balance greatly. Our vision also plays a big role in balance given that when we close our eyes, we tend to lose balance a lot faster. There are three main organs that control our balance, the vestibular system, the cerebellum and the dorsal columns. The inner ear (vestibular system) is a unique cause for dizziness.

You may notice when you stand up too fast you can get quite dizzy, this is because there is a momentary drop in blood pressure meaning the oxygen will not reach the brain quick enough from sitting to standing. This term is called, “orthostatic Hypotension” and is normal. 

Orthostatic Hypotension can be exaggerated by colds, flu, allergies, at times of high anxiety and more. This is also associated with tobacco, alcohol, menstruating, some medications, etc.

The term, “Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo,” has to do with the inner ear where the semicircular canals are. These canals give us a 3D, 360-degree perspective on where we are in space. He fluid flowing through these canals bends little hair like projections, which are connected to sensory nerves that tell the brain where our special position lies. If the function of these canals is disturbed it can mix up the messages sent to the brain resulting in dizziness. 

Dangerous causes of dizziness can include the heart, fast or irregular heartbeat, stroke numbness, paralysis, weakness, slurred speech and more. If you have sudden, severe or out of the ordinary symptoms please call 911 or the number for emergency services if you suspect a heart attack or stroke.

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