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Can I get hurt in a Low-Speed Crash?

Whiplash, or “Whiplash associated disorders,” is a term that applies to many different types of injuries that can occur at the time of an auto collision. 

The cervical spine includes tiny bone structures, ligaments, tendons, nerves, disks, and other connective tissues that can be injured depending on multiple factors. The brain can be injured in a crash even if your head hasn’t hit anything! Often times if you have had whiplash, you may also have a concussion. Individuals in car accidents can experience seat belt related injuries as well. These injuries can be related to the shoulder, chest, abdomen, mid-back, and/or low back. However, always wear your seat belt, as these injuries could be far better than the alternative if you weren’t wearing that seat belt! 

There are many factors that can increase your risk of injury including the size of the two vehicles. For example, a big vehicle hitting a small vehicle will do far worse damage on the small vehicle. Other factors that increase your risk are, the position of your body and the amount of vehicular damage.

When a racecar crashes, it’s made to fall apart until the only remaining piece is the cage that holds the driver. The reason for this is when a crash occurs, the energy of the impact is absorbed by crushing metal or breaking away parts. If the vehicle is built like a tank and no metal parts break off, the energy is transferred to the driver and occupants!

When low-speed collisions occur, there is no energy absorption by the crushing or breaking of metal parts. Therefore, there is a greater chance of injury at low speeds when little-to-no damage occurs to the target vehicle.

If you do have whiplash or any injury related to an auto injury, chiropractic services can help greatly in a sped-up recovery time! 

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