Migraines can be debilitating in many cases, keeping us from our daily routine and comfort itself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to self-manage these miserable headaches? Lucky for you, we have some options that may help! 

Our first option is relaxation therapy. You will need to find a calm environment with the lights off or dimmed, minimize noise and if possible, take a little nap! Monitor the room temperate, use a hot/cold compress to the head or neck regions to relax those muscles. Even a bath can have similar effects.

Our second options are to improve your sleep quality. Migraines are often triggered by bad sleep quality. To help with this, establish regular sleeping hours, keep your daytime naps short so that you can sleep throughout the night, avoid drinking or eating too much before bed and try not to watch suspenseful movies before you head to bed. If our take any medications, check for known side effects, as many contain caffeine or other stimulants that will interfere with you getting that rest you need.

Thirdly, eat well. Be consistent on your eating schedule and don’t skip any meals. Avoid foods that trigger migraines such as lots of chocolate, aged cheese, caffeine and of course, alcohol. 

Lastly Exercise regularly, Exercising has many benefits and one of them just so happens to be migraine management. This facilitates sleep cycles and stimulates the release of endorphins and enkolpions that help block pain! 

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