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How important is your sleep

Are you a big fan of your bed time and naps or do you prefer watching your favorite show all night? How important is your rest and how much do we actually need?

Sleep is actually really important! Before the 1950s, most authorities believed sleep was just a passive, dormant part of life. In fact, they were incorrect. Our brains are quite active while we rest and the quality affects our daily levels of energy and functioning!

There are five different phases of sleep. Phases 1-4 is rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. These occur creating distinctly different wave brain patterns. We spend about 50% of that sleep in stage two, about 20% in in REM sleep, and a 30% in remaining stages, this can also vary with age.

We are much lighter sleepers in stage one and two sleep opposing to stage three and four where we are in a much deeper sleep and it’s harder to be disturbed. However, if you are disturbed in stage three and four you will find yourself much less functional, groggy, and disoriented. 

Infants require around sixteen hours of sleep; teenagers will need nine and adults should have seven to eight hours of rest. Too little sleep will cause, “sleep debt.” This means we will pay by having poor reaction time, judgement, and other functions can be impaired.

There are many studies that sleep deprivation is very dangerous. Sleep deprived drivers can be as unsafe as drunk drivers, Experts estimate that drivers fatigue plays a role in over 100,000 car wrecks and 1,500 deaths each year in the United States. 

Studies have been done with rats and the results show they will die within three weeks of having been deprived and within five weeks of only being deprived of REM sleep. Sleep is overall important to keep up with your mental and physical health

That being said, make sure you keep up with those naps! 

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