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Leg Length and Chiropractic Services

Maintaining alignment of the spine and pelvis is very important to minimize nerve irritation and other health related problems. This is because the spinal cord is housed by the spine and the exiting nerve roots that communicate with the automatic nerves that run our organ function! 

Leg length plays a very important role in our posture, when the leg length is not even, the pelvis cannot stay straight, this throws the whole body off course. Orthopedic surgeons and doctors alike know the importance of leg length, especially considering the risk of a knee or hip replacement.  There are many causes to uneven leg length that aren’t just related to posture but also pertains to a genetic predisposition or trauma during bone growth years.

From a treatment standpoint, a heel lift can be placed into the shoe on the short leg to try to even that side out. In adults, it has been reported that about %66 correction occurs, which means a 10 mm lift would result in around a 6.6 mm leg length deficiency correction. Many doctors have found it smart to gradually ease the amount of heel lifting, so patients often start with a 5mm lift and at one-week intervals, increase it to the next height! You can find these services online and most often at a chiropractor! 

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