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Four Whiplash Myths

Whiplash associated disorders (WAD) describes a constellation of symptoms that can arise from the sudden jerk or snap of the head/neck that results in the overstretching of joint capsules, ligaments, muscle tendons, disks, and nerves of the neck and upper back.

Myth #1: Whiplash Is Only Caused by Rear-End Automobile Collisions.

Although most whiplash associated disorders (WAD) are caused by rear-end automobile collisions, impacts from other directions can also lead to whiplash injuries, as can a slip and fall, sports collision, or even a physical altercation.

Myth #2: Low-Speed “Fender Benders” Don’t Cause Whiplash.

Studies have demonstrated that a collision as slow as 5-10 mph can cause bodily harm. This is partly because modern vehicles are designed to crumple and absorb energy during more forceful impacts. In a low-speed crash, these forces can be transferred to occupants of the car.

Myth #3: There’s No Rush to See a Doctor.

In most instances, whiplash associated disorders will not go away on their own, and delaying care can actually increase the risk that one develops chronic WAD.

Myth #4: Recovery from Whiplash Requires a Lot of Rest.

It is advised to continue your normal daily activities as much as possible. Excessive rest and immobilization can weaken tissues, especially cartilage that requires movement to receive nutrients.

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re involved in a car crash or another form of serious collision, get checked out by a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Doctors of chiropractic care are a great option, and studies support that early intervention with manual therapies and other forms of conservative care can effectively manage most acute WAD symptoms and reduce the risk for chronicity.

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