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Running and the Knees

New years resolutions are amongst us, and for many, this involves the resolution to get in shape. After all the delicious holiday goodies, many of us decide its time to lace up our shoes and get to work. Running is a very popular form of exercise, as it does not require a gym membership, all you need is a pair of running shoes and it’s time to hit the pavement. If you fall into the category of new runners, there are some things to be mindful of as a new runner.

Here are some tips for our new runners:

#1 Practice good form.

Avoid running like you are on a tight rope or balance beam (crossover gait). A crossover gait is bad because it increases foot/ankle pronation (rolling in), knee valgus stress (knock-knee affect), hip internal rotation (turns in), hip adduction stress (pulls on the outer thigh and impinges the hip), and low back extension (too much arching) – All of which can lead to injury in multiple body regions, including the knees. Practice walking, and then slowly run while keeping your feet apart (about the width of your pelvis).

#2 Wear the “right” shoes.

If you have a flat, pronated foot, a “motion control” shoe would be recommended. If you have a skinny foot, a “cushioned” shoe is recommended, which is designed for the high-arched foot as it absorbs the shock caused by the lack of pronation. If you are in between a skinny and a wide foot, a “stability” or “neutral shoe” designed for the normal arched foot is ideal. Remember to replace your shoes every 250 miles regardless of your foot and shoe type.

#3 Avoid progressing too fast.

Overtraining places too much stress on the body. Practice the 10% rule. If you ran ten miles in total last week and you want to increase your total distance, try adding 10% to each run so you achieve a total of eleven miles this week.

#4 Strengthen your legs and hips.

Exercises such as: posterior lunge, advanced clam, and side plank leg raises are great exercises to help strengthen the muscles of your legs and hips, in order to ensure your legs and hips are strong enough to support you throughout your run.

If you feel as though running is causing pain or worsening existing pain, then consult with your doctor of chiropractic. He or she can examine your body and mechanics and provide conservative treatment to help make sure your next run is as pain free as possible.

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