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Carpal Tunnel Syndrom During Pregnancy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common complaint amongst pregnant women. CTS is common due to edema, fluid build-up, in the forearms and wrist. This fluid build-up can put pressure on the median nerve, which runs from the neck, down the arm, and into the fingertips of the thumb, index finger, through half of the fourth finger. 

Symptoms of CTS during pregnancy can present as the fingers feeling “asleep”, leading the person to flick their fingers and wrist trying to “wake up” the wrist and fingers. Sufferers will most often experience the symptoms of CTS during the night, when most of us tend to sleep with our wrists bent, causing more pressure to be put on the median nerve; increasing the pressure in the carpal tunnel by double. CTS will most commonly affect the person’s dominant hand and sometimes even both hands, rarely the sufferer’s non-dominant hand. Those suffering from CTS can make things such as buttoning a shirt or opening a jar more difficult as one of the symptoms is muscle weakness.

There are factors that can make a pregnant woman more susceptible to developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for example, CTS can be hereditary. If the person has suffered previous neck, back, or shoulder injuries, such as: previous whiplash injury, slipped disk in the neck, or broken collar bone, you are at a greater risk of developing CTS. Lastly, if you were obese prior to getting pregnant or have had significant weight gain during pregnancy, your chances of developing CTS are increased. 

Don’t fret, your chiropractor is here to help!!

Chiropractors will frequently fit their pregnant patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with a “cock up splint”, used primarily at night to reduce swelling and bending of the wrist while the momma-to-be is asleep. Other care options to reduce pain and symptoms from CTS include: eat a balanced diet, increase intake of Vitamin B6, wear a maternity bra, take herbs that are known to decrease inflammation, and performing wrist exercises.

Eating a balanced diet means including a small amount of lean protein with each meal, reduce intake of salt, sugar, and fat, drink plenty of water, and intake at least five portions of fruits and veggies each day. Vitamin B6, can be taken as a supplement, is great for the nervous system. Wearing a maternity bra can reduce the weight felt on your neck, ribcage, and shoulders, helping avoid compression of the median nerve.

Taking herbs such as: chamomile, ginger, and turmeric are known to fight inflammation, which can be effective in reducing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Before adding any new supplements to your diet or any dietary changes, discuss with your doctor. Finally, wrist exercises, wrist manipulation/mobilization, traction, and muscle release work are all very effective in decreasing symptoms felt by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and can be provided by your chiropractor.

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