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Whiplash - What Are The Odds Of A Permanent Injury

Odds are, if you have every been in a motor vehicle collision, you would agree with the majority of those involved in motor vehicle crashes, that you would gladly forfeit any settlement to have your health and life back. A big question regarding those involved in an auto accident, “is there a way to determine who is more likely to suffer with problems long after their case is settled”?

The Quebec Task Force (QTF) published two studies investigating who might end up with no residual injuries versus those more likely to become permanently disabled or impaired from injuries sustained in a rear end or side impact motor vehicle collision. Three categories of injuries were surmised from the studies: 

1. “Those with neck pain, stiffness or tenderness only – no clinical (exam) findings;

2. Neck complaints and clinical findings including decreased ranges of neck motion;

2a. Without neck motion loss

2b. With neck motion loss

3. Neck complaints and loss of neurological function including numbness or weakness in arm strength and/or altered reflexes”.

Those patients discovered to be more likely to suffer from long term injuries and disability due to their auto injury fell into the second group (with neck motion loss) and the third group (those with neurological signs).

These conclusions have been met with some skepticism, claiming by many as being too simple. Those who challenge these findings note that they do not include psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and poor coping abilities, all of which play an important role in predicting long-term disability. Treatment strategies must not solely focus on the biological/physical injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision, but should also take into account and plan for how to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and coping.

“The bottom line or best advice to minimize our chances of having chronic disabling neck pain after a car crash is, don’t stop living! This is to say, carry on with work and hobbies as much as you possibly can so that you don’t fall into the negative spiral of disability. If you feel yourself slipping, get help sooner rather than later! Pain relief and function restoration are strong goals and chiropractic has been found to be one of the first and most effective forms of treatment recommended by all treatment guidelines published on whiplash management. Comparing potential side effects, medications carry a significant list of negative effects while chiropractic carriers very few and a host of positive benefits”.

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