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A well-informed patient is a good patient, which is why we focus on providing the information and resources our patients need. On the blog for Augustine Chiropractic, you can find out about updates on our clinic, new ways to treat common injuries and ailments, at home exercises you can do to reduce pain, and more. Read on to find out how chiropractic care can help to improve your quality of life and promote an overall sense of wellness.

Neck Pain and Sleep

A very important part of the healing process, and sometimes an overlooked aspect, is sleep, especially deep sleep. The following are six reasons “not to scrimp on sleep”.

1. Learning and Memory – When learning new tasks, we need a good night’s sleep in order for “memory consolidation” to occur.

2. Weight and Metabolism – Chronic sleep issues have the potential to cause weight gain. Chronic sleep issues “alter the way our body processes and stores carbohydrates and by altering hormones that affect appetite”.

3. Safety – Sleep deprivation leads to increased fatigue. When we are extra tired, we are more prone to accidents, due to a greater tendency to fall asleep during the day.

4. Mood – “lack of sleep can increase irritability, impatience, concentration loss, and moodiness”.

5. Disease – chronic sleep deprivation alters the immune function, which can make us more susceptible to certain cancers.

Now that we have covered why a good night’s sleep is so important to our overall health, lets discuss how we can get that good night’s sleep. Having the proper pillow is a very important part of getting a good night’s sleep. “The ideal pillow is on that allows the neck to remain neutral or maintain its normal curve that is present when standing. A neck friendly pillow should be thicker on the edge so that it fills in the space between the neck and bed and thinner under the head”. Finally, sleeping on our back or either side is preferable to sleeping on our stomach, which requires rotation of the neck.

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