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Neck Pain - What Can A Chiropractor Do For That

Neck pain is frequently caused by shifting of the cervical vertebrae and these vertebrae getting stuck out of alignment, leading to the vertebra “losing its ability to bend and rotate when we move our head and neck”. The shifted vertebra is now “out of commission”, leading to over-compensation from the remaining cervical vertebra and potentially altered function in the mid-back.

Problems can arise, including: headaches, shoulder blade pain, arm pain, numbness and/or weakness, dependent on which nerves are irritated, as well as potential muscle spasms in the neck. Muscle spasms are “due to a reflex reaction where the brain receives the pain signals from the neck and in response, sends signals back to the muscles to tighten in attempt to protect the hurt area”. This “vicious cycle” can continue until the joint is able to be unlocked/released; which is where chiropractic adjustment steps in.

Chiropractic adjustments work so well for these kinds of problems because it is a physical solution; a physical form of treatment to restore movement to the joint. Once this movement has been restored, the pain signals no longer get sent from the joint to the brain, no longer producing the muscle spasms to protect the joint.

Sometimes, the improvement is immediate but more often, several treatments may be required to complete the task.

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