If you’re one of the 40 million Americans who struggle with an anxiety disorder, then here are a few foods that can trigger anxiety and what you should be munching down on instead.


While a little caffeine may not be a big deal, there’s a fine line between a little caffeine and an amount of caffeine that can make you feel nervous and anxious. Too much caffeine also has the undesirable side effect of reducing the amount of serotonin in your body. Lack of this feel-good chemical can make your mood depressed.

Instead of coffee, reach for tea. There are herbal teas, with no caffeine, or tea varieties that help to give you a pick-me-up without the jitters, such as matcha.

Non-Dairy Creamer

Non-dairy creamer products are full of trans fats, which are terrible for your health and not recommended in any amount. Trans fats have also been linked to anxiety and depression.

If you like a little cream in your cup of decaf, then choosing whole milk or real cream is a much better option. You can also use soy milk or almond milk if you’re trying to stay away from dairy.

Added Sugars

You simply cannot avoid sugar all of the time since it’s naturally in many foods that are great for your mental and physical health. But added sugar is what you need to be on the lookout for since it can help drive up anxiety.

Added sugars will cause your blood sugar to spike and dip throughout the day, leaving you feeling worn out and moody. When your blood sugar tanks, your feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression can go up too.

If you have a sweet tooth you can’t deny, then try natural sugars in your diet such as those in fruit and naturally sweet vegetables, such as sweet potatoes.

You cannot control everything around you, but there are things that you can exercise complete control over that can have an impact on your stress and anxiety — like what you eat. Be mindful that what you put into your body does have an impact on your overall health, and strive to make better choices among the chaos in the world.

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