The younger generation is not immune to back pain either. While the causes and sometimes symptoms of low back pain in younger adults differs from their older counterparts. Low back pain in younger adults is more likely caused by muscle strain, ligament sprain, or disk “derangement” such as a herniated disk. 

Typically a younger adult will notice an acute onset of low back pain from a sudden movement or lifting of a heavy object without proper lifting mechanics. Symptoms felt caused by such movements include: “difficulty moving that can be so severe it can prevent walking or standing; pain that does not radiate down the leg past the knee but may refer pain to the groin, buttock, or upper thigh; pain that tends to be achy and dull; muscle spasms (which can be severe); and/or local soreness noted upon touch”. The most likely injuries due to the preceding scenario are muscle strain or ligament pain.

Typical treatments of this type of low back pain include: “chiropractic care, ice (15 minute rotations on/off/on/off/on), activity modifications (usually, a combination of walking and resting for the first day or two will help but after that, your chiropractor will guide you in the proper exercises for stretching and eventually strengthening), and anti-inflammatory care”. Chiropractors will suggest herbs such as ginger, turmeric, Boswellia, and other nutrients rather than NSAIDs, which can irritate the stomach and potentially damage the liver and kidneys. 

Sciatica is low back pain that travels down the back of the leg past the knee joint. Symptoms of sciatica include: “pain that is longer lasting rather than flaring up for a few days or one to two weeks; pain may be greater in the leg than in the low back; pain is commonly on one side; pain is worsened by sitting and or bending forwards, and improved by standing and or bending backwards; symptoms often include pain, in addition to numbness/tingling, and/or burning; muscle shrinkage and weakness on the included side may occur as well”.

In the younger adult, sciatica symptoms are typically onset due to lumbar disk herniation. Try chiropractic first! It works, and if necessary you can always have surgery later, but you can’t go back after it’s done.

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