How to Find Time to Exercise

Movement is life. Exercise is a necessity. However, many people struggle to prioritize it in their daily life consistently. There is a fix -- it’s called doing the basics and doing them at home. To do so, you’ll need to manage your time and your level of consistency.

So even if there is an excuse in your past like “it’s just too expensive” to exercise, you might find that it’s too expensive not to exercise.


Let’s start with mindset. The world is as we see it. There are 24 hours in a day, every day, for all people. The issues are in truth about time management. The more efficiently time is managed, the more efficiently it can be used.

There’s always one area or another that can be tightened up by a few minutes here and there. When you find those few minutes and make the appropriate shifts in each area of your life, there is suddenly extra time to be utilized. Yes, the seven minutes doesn’t account for much in one single area, but when this is done for every segment of your day you can often free whole chunks of time. Take a look at your day and be honest. See where you aren’t as efficient as you could be and where you can create more time for yourself and your workouts. For example, a lot of time is wasted in transitions to and from home, school, work, and from one task to another.


Regular exercise can be done at home with absolutely minimum equipment and money. For instance, bodyweight and HIIT exercises are effective if performed consistently and with full effort.

Bodyweight exercises can be done with your weight such as walking or running. It is recommended to spend about 30-45 minutes each day.

HIIT is so efficient that if done properly, it only needs doing three to four times per week. You do movements very fast and hard for small amounts of time; after a short rest, you go hard and fast again before another rest. This cycle is repeated for no longer than 25-30 minutes. If you can go longer than that, you aren’t working hard enough. The point is to be totally gassed by the end of the workout. The exercise can be anything. 


Don’t forget stretch sessions. Our bodies at this point in society spend a good deal of time contracted, stuck in one spot, and not moving through full range of motion. Establishing regular stretch breaks into your daily life is very important; they can be as small as two to three minutes and, if done with regularity, you’ll notice a difference. Longer stretch sessions two or three times per week while at home on your living room floor, costing you no money, are also highly beneficial to your overall health. This isn’t about professional athlete level performance. This is about overall health, wellness, and function. 

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