At some point in our lives low back pain will be something we may have to deal with. There is solid evidence that chiropractic care is one of the most effective methods of treating that. However, there are times when a referral for surgery is needed most.

An article published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in 2015 discussed the ups and downs of Manipulation after lumbar open laser microdiscectomy, this is a surgical technique used to treat people who have a pinched nerve due to a herniated disk. However, patients who undergo this procedure can experience early post-surgical physical disability that reduces their ability to perform required daily activities. The objective of this study was to look at whether early individualized spinal manipulation would reduce the occurrence of post-surgical disability for this reason. For this, 21 patients (ages 25-69) that had a microdiscectomy
were randomly placed into a spinal manipulation or control group.

Manipulation was performed up to three weeks after surgery, two times a week for four weeks. The patients in
the manipulation group experienced a %55 reduction in disability, in the control group only a %5 increase in disability! Leg pain was also reduced by %55 compared with only %9 in the control group.

Looking at the evidence, chiropractic care can not only help with many people to avoid surgery, but it can also help reduce back pain and disability risks after surgery! Regardless if you have had surgery or not, spinal manipulation is an amazing thing to do for your health and way of life!

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